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Image for 00 Popes Exorcist Interview Hero

Exclusive Interview: The Pope's Exorcist Star Russell Crowe

4/14/2023 • 3 min read

The Pope's ExorcistTHE POPE'S EXORCIST gives Russell Crowe one of his best-ever jobs: Playing Father Gabriele Amorth, who wrote several books detailing his work for the Vatican. As Amorth, Crowe gets to tool around Rome on a moped, throw demons out of people, and deal with a potentially big conspiracy.

And the actor seems to be having a great time doing it. We talked to Crowe about his experience making the movie and he is jovial and fired up. In fact, it's been a while since Crowe seemed to be having this much fun talking about a new movie — and that in itself is a great reason to catch THE POPE'S EXORCIST.

Watch our full interview with Russell Crowe below:



THE POPE'S EXORCIST opens on April 14.


All images courtesy of Sony Pictures.

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