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Terrifier 3: Art the Clown Returns to Ruin Christmas

2/1/2024 • 4 min read

(Updated 02/08/2024)Terrifier 3 | Cinemark

Horror has long been one of the most popular film genres, and it has grown steadily more mainstream. Now, a studio's horror output can be its most reliable moneymakers. You might be scared by a movie at the multiplex, but you're not likely to be repulsed outright.

Unless you're watching one of Damien Leone's movies, that is. Most modern cinema audiences have probably never seen anything like one of 2024's most-anticipated sequels, TERRIFIER 3.

The first movie in the series focused on the homicidal and supernatural villain Art the Clown, but the wildly gory 2016 release mostly played only to the most dedicated horror hounds. Art's reach expanded with the surprise success of the special event programming for TERRIFIER 2 in late 2022. Now TERRIFIER 3 is set for a wide release in October, and this isn't one you'll want to stumble into by mistake.

What's the Terrifier 3 Release Date?

TERRIFIER 3 will be released in theatres on October 25, 2024, making it the cornerstone of Halloween programming for any audience strong enough to stomach it.

Is There a Terrifier 3 Trailer?

There is a TERRIFIER 3 teaser trailer… kind of. The clip was released in November 2023, and you can see it just above. But while the trailer does announce that TERRIFIER 3 will take place at Christmas, it doesn't necessarily reflect the look of the upcoming sequel. That's because the teaser was filmed on its own. The proper TERRIFIER 3 production is only just getting started now, as of February 2024.

How Gory Will Terrifier 3 Be?

Given the ramp-up from the first movie (shockingly gory) to the second (truly insane), and creator Damien Leone's stated intent to continue pushing boundaries, we can't even begin to guess. The basic character design of Art the Clown might be more gory than some people even want to deal with.

Put it this way: Since the tone of these articles is set to be family-friendly, we can't even describe the most outrageous violence in the first two movies. We'll just say that we've seen Art the Clown commit some of the most horrifying things we can imagine being done to a person — and in vivid detail.

What Is Terrifier 3 About?

We don't know too many details about the plot of TERRIFIER 3, but we do know a few things. For one, this sequel is a natural continuation of the second movie, with an outline that was written during the writing of TERRIFIER 2.

The character Sienna Shaw returns, and her path will absolutely see her confronting Art once again. And Victoria, the character who barely survived the first movie, and who — there's no good way to describe this — grotesquely rebirthed Art in the second movie, will return as well.

When formally announcing TERRIFIER 3, writer/director Damien Leone explained that "this one is going to pick up where Part 2 left off, in the insane asylum, so, you’re going to see what transpires there, what mayhem unfolds, because seeing how Art and Victoria ended up, is so insane, and seeing how they get out of that situation and what happens next is going to be really wild."

Given what we've seen in the movies so far, "really wild" is a chilling phrase.

Will We See Sienna's Dad in Terrifier 3?

One of the biggest fan questions following TERRIFIER 2 — and one of the significant theories about the third movie — is whether or not returning heroine Sienna is somehow related to Art. Chances are that she isn't, but we might find out! For those who need a primer or refresher, Sienna's father died prior to the events of the second movie, but his influence is felt throughout. Sienna's brother, Jonathan, who also returns for the third movie, believes that their father knew about Art's origins, and knew how to destroy him. How, exactly? We might find out.

In December 2023, Leone said, "There are a few new major characters introduced in three, one in particular that it’s too soon for me to announce." Is he talking about Sienna's father? It's possible!

Who's in the Cast of Terrifier 3?

We know that Lauren LaVera is back as Sienna Shaw, and David Howard Thornton returns as Art the Clown. (Mike Giannelli played Art in two short films by Leone, both of which were incorporated into the 2013 anthology ALL HALLOW'S EVE. Thornton took over the role for TERRIFIER in 2016.)

Additionally, Elliot Fullam returns as Jonathan Shaw, Samantha Scaffidi is back as Victoria Heyes, and wrestler Chris Jericho returns as the nurse, Burke. There will be at least a few more cast members revealed in the coming months.


TERRIFIER 3 opens on October 25.


All images courtesy of Cineverse.

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