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A New Star Trek Movie Is Finally Being Made for Theaters

4/20/2024 • 2 min read

After nearly ten years, a new STAR TREK movie is finally planned for theaters. It is fitting in some way that all of the new Trek stories for the last decade have primarily appeared on TV and streaming, since Trek began on television. But the big-screen STAR TREK movies have always been landmarks, and we're eager to see another.

But after many years of development, including some time where it looked like Quentin Tarantino might actually get to make a STAR TREK movie, there's a new film in the works. It could arrive as early as 2025. We don't know much about the movie right now, btu we do know that the next TREK is set to explore the very origins of Starfleet, and will be set long before Captain Kirk was around to issue orders.

Does the New Star Trek Movie Have a Release Date?

Right now, there is no release date set for the new STAR TREK movie. There's no cast or title, even — at least not that has been publicly revealed. All we know is that Paramount would like to release the movie in 2025.

Is There a Trailer for the New Star Trek Movie?

There is no trailer for the new STAR TREK movie planned for theaters. The movie has not filmed anything yet.

Is the New Star Trek Movie Called Section 31?

Here's where it gets confusing. There is A new STAR TREK movie called STAR TREK: SECTION 31, but it will not be a theatrical release. The movie was made for streaming. The movie we're talking about here is completely different. It does not yet have an official title/

Just to make things more complicated, there is also a movie in development that is most easily referred to as STAR TREK 4, because it would be the fourth movie starring the reboot cast assembled by J.J. Abrams, led by Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. That movie has been in development for a long time and seems like it is still pretty far off, if it will happen at all.

What's the Plot of the New Star Trek Movie?

We know very little about this new movie right now. According to THR, "The project is said to be set decades before the events of the 2009 movie that was directed by J.J. Abrams, likely around modern times. It is said to involve the creation of the Starfleet and humankind’s first contact with alien life."

Other Star Trek stories have explored some of that time period, specifically in "Star Trek: Enterprise." But there's a lot of room to explore that era on the big screen — especially since we don't know which continuity this movie will be connected to.

Who's in the Cast of the New Star Trek Movie?

We don't know the cast of the new Trek movie yet! Those details will be revealed at some point hopefully not too far in the future.

The Creative Team Behind the New Star Trek

We know that Toby Haynes, whose recent work includes episodes of the Star Wars streaming series "Andor," is directing. He's working from a script by Seth Grahame-Smith, and X-Men veteran Simon Kinberg is on board to produce.


We'll tell you more about the new STAR TREK movie soon.


All images courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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