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Spy X Family Code: White Continues the Hit Anime Series

4/4/2024 • 2 min read

(Updated 04/19/2024)Spy X Family Code: White | Cinemark

The immensely popular anime series "Spy X Family" makes the leap to the big screen with SPY X FAMILY CODE: WHITE. The movie is packed with espionage, unexpected twists, and new developments for the found Forger family as they maintain their secret lives as spies.

SPY X FAMILY CODE: WHITE features the same vibrant animation style that captivated audiences in the original series, with some extra details and polish. With a thrilling soundtrack and stellar voice acting, the movie is the ideal entry point for new viewers even as it gives fans a new story to love.

What's the Spy X Family Code: White Release Date?

Crunchyroll will release SPY X FAMILY CODE: WHITE in movie theaters on April 19, 2024.

Watch the Trailer for Spy X Family Code: White

This trailer is focused on the lightweight fun and semi-serious hijinks of the movie as it introduces the Forger family vacation that turns into a grand adventure.

What Is Spy X Family Code: White About?

The series is set in the fictional city of Berlint, and follows Loid, Yor, and Anya Folger. While they try to look like a normal family, the Folger "parents" are not actually married, and their true identities are secret. Loid is a master spy who works under the code name Twilight as he tries to manipulate relations between the feuding nations of Westalis and Ostania. Yor, seemingly the loving wife and mother, is secretly a skilled assassin known as the Thorn Princess. Anya, their adopted daughter, is a telepath; their dog, Bond, is clairvoyant — and since Anya can read Bond's mind, they make a powerful duo.

The movie sets up a political conflict that pushes the story forward, but it is really about comedic misunderstandings between the Folgers as they embark upon a whimsical escapade that tests the bounds of their assumed identity and their emotional attachments to the idea of family.

Do You Need to Know the Spy X Family Anime to Enjoy Code: White?

While having seen some of the first two seasons of the anime series (or having read the manga upon which it is based) will make it slightly easier to jump into the movie, CODE: WHITE is clearly crafted with new audiences in mind. The movie sets up the characters, their unusual jobs and relationships, and other important points of the story quickly. So you won't be lost if this is your first encounter with the characters.

Spy X Family Code: White Features the Anime Series Voice Cast

For both the Japanese and English-language tracks, the original anime voice cast returns for SPY X FAMILY CODE: WHITE. Loid Forger is voiced by Takuya Eguchi and Alex Organ; Anya by Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman; Yor by Saori Hayami and Natalie Van Sistine; and Bond by Kenichirou Matsuda and Tyler Walker. Similarly, the secondary and supporting casts are carried over from the series as well.

The movie is also crafted by director Takashi Katagiri, who directed the second season of the anime, and writer Ichirō Ōkouchi, who scripted the second season. The movie is produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks, which are also the companies behind the anime. In fact, this movie was created very much in conjunction with the season season of the show, so there's total continuity from one to the next.


SPY X FAMILY CODE: WHITE opens on April 19 in English-dubbed and Subtitled presentations.


All images courtesy of Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures.

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