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Everything You Need to Know About the 2025 Jurassic World Relaunch

2/26/2024 • 4 min read

JURASSIC WORLD is coming back to life with an all-new movie. The franchise relaunch is scheduled for a summer 2025 release, and it has a promising director set to work behind the camera.

Despite being set for release in less than 18 months there's a lot we don't know about this new JURASSIC WORLD, which is coming together very fast. Here's everything we do know so far.

What's the New Jurassic World Release Date?

While we often have to wait years for a major series relaunch like this, JURASSIC WORLD is coming soon. Universal Pictures has set July 2, 2025 as the new JURASSIC WORLD release date.

Is There a Jurassic World Remake Trailer?

The new JURASSIC WORLD movie has not filmed yet, and there is no trailer. We don't even have a reasonable roadmap for when we might expect to see footage. Maybe at the end of 2024. In the meantime, anything you see is fan-made.

What's the Plot of the New Jurassic World Movie?

Literally all we know about the new JURASSIC PARK movie story is that it will feature an "all-new storyline that is intended to launch a new era for the franchise," according to Variety.

Will Familiar Characters Return to Jurassic World?

Right now, we do not know. It would seem like JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION closed out the storylines for both the classic JURASSIC PARK characters and those from the new trilogy. But right now, there are only assumptions.

No new cast members have been announced, either.

Who Is Making the New Jurassic World?

Here's where things get interesting. David Koepp, who wrote both JURASSIC PARK and sequel THE LOST WORLD, is writing the script for the new film. And as you would expect, Steven Spielberg is an executive producer.

Then there's the surprising part. Currently set to direct is Gareth Edwards, who made ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, and recently directed the impressive original sci-fi movie THE CREATOR. Movies by Gareth Edwards have a recognizable and pretty specific look and feel. They're not exactly "realistic," but they do have a more immediate sense of reality than your average blockbuster. While ROGUE ONE certainly looks like a Star Wars movie, it has many hallmarks that set it apart from all other movies in that series.

What Does the Gareth Edwards Style Mean for Jurassic World?

It's far too early to say for certain, but one thing is for sure: Edwards knows how to make a movie that leans very heavily on visual effects, but he also likes to film on location and knows how to make extensive digital effects feel like part of a world. See footage from THE CREATOR, just above, for an example.

It's exciting to think about what that might mean for JURASSIC WORLD. Steven Spielberg's original movie cast a magical spell through its standard-setting blend of digital effects, massive animatronics, and diverse other effects techniques. It's been a difficult feat to match. Could Edwards be the one to truly push the prehistoric series into the future?


JURASSIC WORLD opens in Summer 2025.


All images courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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