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Arthur the King: Mark Wahlberg's Heartwarming 2024 Dog Movie

1/29/2024 • 4 min read

(Updated 01/29/2024)Arthur the King | Cinemark

There just aren't enough dog movies, but 2024 is starting out strong in the "heartwarming dog movie" category. ARTHUR THE KING stars Mark Wahlberg as an aging athlete whose last big chance to prove himself and earn a huge win — the Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic — also turns out to be his introduction to a friend he didn't know he needed.

Based on the book "Arthur - The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home" by Mikael Lindnord ARTHUR THE KING looks like a winning tale of adventure, companionship, and devotion. Check out the trailer below and we'll tell you even more about the movie

What's the Arthur the King Release Date?

Lionsgate will release ARTHUR THE KING in movie theatres on March 15, 2024.

Watch the Arthur the King Trailer

This trailer gives us everything we need: Exotic locations, determined athletes, and an incredible dog. Honestly, if you can resist this trailer, we want to know how!

The First Dog Movie of 2024 Is a True Story

As we mentioned above, ARTHUR THE KING is based on the memoir by Swedish athlete Mikael Lindnord.

His book, "Arthur - The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home," details the 435-mile journey through South American jungles, seas and mountains, and explains how a stray dog followed his team throughout the journey. Initially seen as a distraction, the dog soon became part of the team, and inspired the human athletes to push themselves through impossible odds to the finish line.

Arthur the King

The Cast of Arthur the King

Mark Wahlberg leads the cast of ARTHUR THE KING — well, the human cast, anyway — as Michael Light, whose name is an Americanized version of original writer Mikael Lindnord's name. He's joined by Simu Liu as Michael's key teammate, Liam, and Juliet Rylance as Helena Light.

Additonally, Nathalie Emmanuel and Ali Suliman play Michael's other two teammates. Rob Collins, Michael Landes, and Paul Guilfoyle play key roles. And adventurer and TV personality Bear Grylls appears as himself.

Which Dog Plays Arthur in Arthur the King?

Clearly, director Simon Cellan Jones found a fantastic pup or two to star as the dog Arthur in ARTHUR THE KING. We don't know anything about the canine actor(s) at this point, however. Hopefully, as the movie nears release, Lionsgate will reveal more about the remarkable animal.


ARTHUR THE KING opens on March 15.


All images courtesy of Lionsgate.

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