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It's De Niro Vs De Niro in Mob Movie Alto Knights

12/1/2023 • 4 min read

(Updated 04/24/2024)Alto Knights | Cinemark

One of the great pleasures of a Robert De Niro movie is watching the actor play off against other talents. The mob movie ALTO KNIGHTS will offer a new wrinkle on that classic appeal by casting De Niro opposite one of the greatest actors of his generation: himself.

The movie is based upon an idea that has floated around Hollywood for decades. Now, it has been filmed with Robert De Niro in dual lead roles, playing mobsters whose grudge against one another explodes into violence. Here's everything you need to know about ALTO KNIGHTS.

What's the Alto Knights Release Date?

Warner Bros. Pictures will release ALTO KNIGHTS in theaters on March 21, 2025.

Is There an Alto Knights Trailer?

Not yet. The ALTO KNIGHTS trailer hasn't appeared online or in theaters. Given how many other mob movies De Niro has done, more than a few fans have made their own trailers with footage from other movies. None of those are official, however.

What Is Alto Knights About?

ALTO KNIGHTS is a true mob story. It follows two Italian American crime bosses in New York in the middle of the 20th Century. Vito Genovese and Frank Costello are both major mob figures. Genovese became part of organized crime in the 1920s, and ultimately helped consolidate the Mafia into a powerful organization. Costello was an associate of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano, and ultimately became the head of the Luciano crime family.

These two men did not like one another. Somewhere along their shared timeline is where the story of ALTO KNIGHTS begins.

Who's in the Cast of Alto Knights?

Robert De Niro leads the ALTO KNIGHTS cast as both Vito Genovese and Frank Costello. We haven't seen photos from the movie yet, and we're eager to know how much makeup and/or digital effects will be used to make the two men look different.

Debra Messing co-stars as Bobbie Costello, Frank's wife, while Kathrine Narducci as Anna Genovese, Vito's wife. Cosmo Jarvis is in the movie as well, though his role, like the rest of the cast, has yet to be revealed.

Who Directed Alto Knights?

RAIN MAN director Barry Levinson is behind the camera for ALTO KNIGHTS. He's working from a script by one of the most famed mob movie writers around. That's Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the book that was the basis for GOODFELLAS, not coincidentally also starring De Niro.


ALTO KNIGHTS opens on March 21, 2025.


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