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Nutritional and Allergen Information

Nutritional Information

The nutrition information is derived from testing conducted at nutritional laboratories, published resources, or information provided by our suppliers. Variations in nutritional content, preparation, and product testing may affect the nutritional values of each item.

  • Recommended limits for a 2000 calorie daily diet are 20 grams of saturated fat and 2300 milligrams of sodium.
  • Not all items available at all locations

See the full Nutritional Information PDF here.

Allergen & Gluten Declaration

Below is our ingredient/allergen declaration for our popcorn before adding the buttery popcorn topping, as well as pictures of the actual product labels for the ingredients used. The Canola Oil, which we pop our corn in, is gluten free, but some individuals with Celiac Disease experience a laxative effect.

The Celiac Sprue Association/United States of America, Inc. (CSA) lists popcorn as a gluten free snack. Celiac Sprue Association - Gluten-Free Choices

The popcorn salt that we use to pop the corn with could contain dairy.

If you or someone in your party would prefer to have a batch popped without popcorn salt, our employees are able to accommodate this request. Please be aware there may still be trace amounts of salt remaining in the popper from previous batches.

Candies and packaged snacks that are gluten free are marked as such on their packaging.

The Coca-Cola Company makes this statement on their website regarding the gluten content of their products: "We are able to confirm that, in the U.S. and Canada, the following products are gluten free: Coca-Cola Classic; Caffeine-free Coca-Cola Classic; Coca-Cola Blak; Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla; Coca-Cola C2; Coca-Cola with Lime; Coca-Cola Zero; Barq's Root Beer Caffeine-free Barq's Root Beer; Diet Barq's Root Beer; Diet Barq's; Red Creme Soda; Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla; Diet Coke; Diet Coke with Lime; Caffeine-free Diet Coke; Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda; Sprite; Diet Sprite; Sprite Zero; Cherry Coke; Diet Cherry Coke; Fresca; DASANI Lemon; Minute Maid Light Lemonade; Simply Lemonade; Simply Limeade; POWERade; Mountain Blast; and 100% of juice products (without added ingredients) are gluten free."

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