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Cinemark Esports FAQ

Mission Control is a platform partner that is supporting Cinemark in bringing esports to the movie. Through the Mission Control platform, Cinemark can create and manage leagues that allow players to enjoy their favorite games in a friendly but competitive environment while also making new connections with friends and other gamers.

Download the Mission Control app to join the Cinemark organization, register for leagues featuring your favorite games, and communicate with your fellow players. You can download the app from the Google Play or Apple app store, or by going to

Each league will have days and times that all games are scheduled for. Online leagues give players the ability to reschedule games directly in the application and without any administrative assistance required.

Mission Control supports a growing library of games including (list to be provided). Game availability is subject to change and may vary during each season.

Leagues include 4 weeks of play when joining with Cinemark.

Yes, league registrations cost $15 per player per game when joining with Cinemark.

League winners will receive 2 FREE movie tickets to use on select films at any Cinemark location.

Download the Mission Control app and join the Cinemark organization. Once you’ve registered for a league, all matches will be coordinated through the app. Games are played on whatever platform (PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.) the game is available on, not through the Mission Control app. To participate, you will need the game, its gaming system, any necessary gaming subscriptions (i.e. PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Switch Online) and internet access.

Video games are a favorite recreational past-time for many people. Cinemark and Mission Control are committed to creating a fun and healthy environment for our players. All participants on the Mission Control platform are held to community standards (detailed in the app) to ensure that sportsmanship is encouraged, cheating prevented, and hate eliminated. If you encounter any issues that need to be reported, please contact support directly from the Mission Control application or at [email protected] and further action will be taken.

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