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Theatre Church

Cinemark Theatre Church for Worship and Services 

Looking for the ideal location to host your live weekly worship or religious services? With all the inviting amenities you expect from a modern moviegoing experience, Cinemark is the perfect temporary or permanent home for your growing church.

Right at home
Our theatres are comfortable, familiar and welcoming—the ideal place to fellowship with your congregation and attract new members. We offer an easily accessible setting within the community, as well as plenty of parking, clean restrooms and spacious auditoriums.

Beyond the ordinary
Cinemark’s theatre technology and abundant amenities promote an enhanced church experience unlike any other venue. Imagine sharing your message on the giant screen with crystal-clear images. Our theatres are designed to make an impact—and designed for your comfort, too. Adults and children alike love our ultra-comfy seats with great views from every angle.

Easy, affordable, remarkable
Cinemark Theatre Church makes Sunday mornings as simple as showing up and enjoying a great service. No set-up or take-down is required. In addition, our rental prices are transparent and extremely competitive with other church rental venues.

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